Planned Giving Testimonials


Recently, I went through a process to reevaluate my estate plan and increase charitable giving at my death. It was natural that Mackinac Associates topped the list of organizations that will receive gifts. As a member of one of the first Girl Scout troops to serve as the Governor’s Honor Guard in 1974, I can say that Mackinac changed my life. I returned to work at the State Park in college and met my late husband at the Avenue of the Flags behind Fort Mackinac. Mackinac’s history, natural beauty, and rhythms of summer visits shaped our family. It is my pleasure to support the continuing preservation of Mackinac State Historic Parks.

Ruth D. Fitzgerald

Ruth Fitzgerald

Our family has a long history on Mackinac Island as business owners and residents and understand the importance of preserving the historical structures and natural features of Mackinac Island. We can’t think of a better way to help ensure the future preservation of this special place for our children and the community than with a planned gift to Mackinac Associates.

Les Parrish and Ann Callewaert Parrish

Les and Ann Parrish

My dear wife Annie and I have been members of Mackinac Associates for many years. We could not be more pleased at the enjoyment of our Membership Benefits. As we consider the fact that “you cannot take it with you” we must consider possible alternatives. And so, as we pondered gift-giving, Mackinac Associates jumped to the forefront as a Bequest Candidate. Though not wealthy, it was an easy decision for us to plan a Bequest that would have a positive impact on Mackinac Associates and Mackinac State Historic Parks, helping preserve it for generations to come. I encourage each of you to consider a Bequest and the impact it will have.

Tom and Annie Lockwood

Tom Lockwood

A number of years ago Kathy and I constructed a legacy giving plan to share our blessings with people and places that have deeply touched our lives and the lives of others. Mackinac Island has always been high on the list so it was only logical to include Mackinac Associates as a beneficiary. Our thanks to the membership for all you do to preserve the past, present and future of this natural wonder.

Todd and Kathy Petersen

Todd & Kathy Petersen

For decades Mackinac has been our special place where we can unwind and rediscover the simple things that are most important to us. Spending several weeks a year enjoying Mackinac State Historic Parks allows us to recharge and manage the rigors of day-to-day life. Since we cannot imagine a world without Historic Mackinac, we are pleased to include Mackinac Associates as a major part of our estate plan.

Mark and Tisha Benton

Mark & Tisha Benton

Erin and I have been members of Mackinac Associates since our children were young. Our love of history has been passed on to our children and the family memories we have enjoyed are incalculable. The opportunity to serve on the board was one way to give back. Having the ability to pass on funds through our trust is a way to preserve the Straits Areas historical legacy for future generations. We are thrilled to join the Legacy Society and thank the staff and Board of Trustees of Mackinac Associates for creating this new opportunity to give.

Jeb and Erin Burns

Jeb and Erin Burns